But then I looked out of the window.

Greetings and Salutations. And Hello for those of you who aren’t a..


So, I’ve been in bed all day. Playing guitar, sleeping and… playing guitar. I’m not always like this, I’ve actually had a good half term so far, I just wanted to stay in today.

I was beginning to get really bored so I decided I was going to revise… That idea didn’t last for very long because I thought of my blog, cameras and photography. I completely forgot about revision and went to get my camera, i had thousands of ideas up my sleeve. I was going to go out, walk to the woods, go places that i’d never been before; but then i looked out of the window.

It was raining, how could i not have noticed? Frustrated and annoyed, I just carried on looking out of the window, giving the world evil stares as i tried to figure out what to do next. I couldn’t just leave it until tomorrow because I want to update my blog whenever i can, so i resorted to taking pictures of the raindrops.

Poor raindrops, everyone hates them but they’re only doing their job i suppose. Here’s to rain.

Over and Out… or Bye… if you aren’t a Freak



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