Silhouette Cat.

Greetings and Salutations. And Hello for those of you who aren’t a..


So I was just playing the guitar in my bedroom, like always… And I remembered my blog and photography, i always seem to forget about it now a days because I am so caught up in life but, I thought that I would get up and enjoy the outside world with my camera.

Nothing was working. My settings were all over the place and I couldn’t get the right light; I was very annoyed. But luckily, animals were on my side. I ran back into my house and came back with my cat, Mimi. You’ve seen her before in older posts.

Unfortunately for Mimi, I had to place her on the cold grass after her being in a deep sleep… That woke her up a bit. It woke her a bit too much and she ran away, that’s how i got this picture. She sat on my garden fence and just watched me, It was pretty scary but she gave me a pretty picture.

Over and Out… or Bye… if you aren’t a Freak



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