The man on the horse.

Greetings and Salutations. And Hello for those of you who aren’t a..


I have just got home from Willaston. It’s been a really sunny day and I took some really good pictures but unfortunately, i’m ill. It didn’t stop me from going out though…

I was just taking some pictures of a tree when a man on a horse came riding along the path next to me. I didn’t think anything of it but I did want to get a picture of the horse. It would have been quite awkward if I just randomly started talking pictures of it though, I am a very awkward person if you don’t already know.

So I carried on with what I was doing and I watched the man and his horse ride away. It was about five minutes later when I heard the horses hooves trot back up to where i was again… The man who was riding it stopped and smiled at me, we had a long conversation which was… really awkward.

But, it turned out he was a photographer, who also had won a few competitions with his camera and his horse! He told me that he takes pictures of horses and sends them into the competitions! Next, he told me to take a picture of the horse he was on. Straight away I thought that this would be an interesting story to share on my blog so… Here I am!

The man on the horse told me to take pictures of subjects I really like, that way it’s easier because you’ll already know a lot about the subject. It was a really weird moment and saying goodbye was awkward, as was the whole time i was out…

Over and Out… or Bye… if you aren’t a Freak



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