A painful weekend.

Greetings and Salutations. And Hello for those of you who aren’t a..


Happy easter everyone, I hope you have all made yourselves sick after all of the chocolate you have probably devoured. I know I have.

This weekend I have had a constant stomach ache because I have eaten SO much food. Which leads me on to the meaning of todays title. I have had a very painful weekend. Even though I have only hurt myself twice, it has still been painful.

First of all, me and my friend, Katie, were bored standing in her bedroom. She hit me and then ran out of her room, and me being me, ran after her. In Katies room there is a mirror leaning against her wall, yes, I ran into that. I felt the edge of the mirror cut into my heel and i fell to the floor. Katie being the best friend that she is decided to cry with laughter and take several pictures and videos of my painful catastrophe. I lost a lot of blood that day.

To add to that, I had a nose bleed about 5 minutes ago. That’s what made me come here. I hope you’ve enjoyed reading this, I apologize for the length of it but, what are you seriously going to do about it? Anyway, I took this picture the other day. It’s relevant because barbed wire is painful if you touch it…

Over and Out… or Bye… if you aren’t a Freak




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